Wednesday, March 20, 2013

St. Patrick's Day 2013

St. Patrick's Day....isn't exactly what it used to be around here.  We started our St. Patrick's week with a show at the Rose Wagner theater (sorry no pictures) where there girls got to preform in front of 1000 people on a huge stage.  And though it was beyond stressful getting them all ready and there, new wigs and all, it was actually a very enjoyable as a parent.  After I dropped them off I picked Jon up and we got to go out to dinner before a show.  Then we met the grandparents and our amazing friends the Ragers and watched our girls dance from the front row of the balcony with no camera's in hand.  I'm a little sad that we don't have pictures but it was really nice to just enjoy the moment.
And because of all the work they put in getting ready for the show thy got the rest of the week off.  HA.  Regular classes were attended on Tuesday and Thursday before joining the Traveling Circus also known at the St. Patrick's Day Caravan. 
Friday morning the girls got all dolled up for the school assemblies they had signed up for.  And even though there were only four schools this year it was much crazier because the schools were at every edge of the valley.  Down Town Salt Lake-East Sandy-the west edge of West Jordan-Cottonwood Heights-Down Town Salt Lake again.  And we made it to them all without a hitch! Yay!  And we all got to know our dance family better during the 3 hour lunch break at one of their houses. 
The Dancing Girls on the steps of the church preschool Down Town

After all of the Friday shows were done we had one hour to rest at home before heading back to the studio for a two hour Siamsa practice and a Zumba class for me after...side not Zumba was not what I expected, where is the Samba part of Zumba?

Finally we reached Saturday-the last day.  The girls decided they wanted to do the parade so they got rainbow umbrellas and painted their shoes gold. 

And I must say it was a great idea for a parade. All of those rainbows together ...WOW!

Next came dancing at the Siamsa(celebration).  Tiny stage, loud crown, and lots of fun.

You can't see her head, but that is Tressa closest to the camera.

 The last part of our dancing day was a trip to the Rio Tinto Stadium to dance as part of the pre-game. 

The only problem with that was that Jon forgot sent Josie off with my Mom after making lunch plans with her.  SO it was a bit of a sprint to get Josie back and to her friends party (she didn't dance at Real) and then everyone else and their shoes to the stadium on time, or at least only 5 minutes late.

I am so glad that we decided to take them to this show.  It was really low key and not as many girls came, and it was two hours of on and off dancing.  All of these conditions made it possible for Tressa and Aspen to dance both some soft shoe and hard shoe solos. 

Aspen forgot a step and turned to leave the stage but her teacher wouldn't let her off so easy she simply stepped up to her and started doing it with her until she found her place again.  Just one more reason why I really appreciate Amy Stansfield.

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